The SAT Test is changing! Don’t get stuck reviewing material for older test. Instead, start you preparation now to ensure success on the New SAT Test.


Why Taipei Tutoring:

A normal prep school would force students to take two semesters worth of SAT courses to “master” the exam. The average cost would be over $75,000. There would be no guarantee of quality or even personalized help for each student.

 At Taipei Tutoring, you could finish your SAT preparation in as short as a few months, a semester, or even paced throughout the entire year.

You would get personalized help from quality tutors who both hold experience from Taipei prep schools and hold a MA degree from an accredited American university.

Further, the cost for the SAT Foundation course, plus the Elite Reading and Elite Writing courses would be only $56,000. Thus, ensuring you save time and money without reducing quality!


Our Recommended Program:

  • SAT Foundation 

Additional Practice Programs:

  • Elite Reading and Vocabulary
  • Elite Writing (Passages and Essay) 
  • Grammar Booster 

Download the brochure on these programs in the link below:

New SAT Program- Taipei Tutoring


Take the old version of the test and still need some extra help? No worries. Download the brochure on these programs in the link below:

Old SAT Prep-Taipei Tutoring


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